A $100 per hunter Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a whitetail deer hunt. Deposits are Non-transferable. Deposit will go towards the balance of the hunt. All Florida whitetail deer hunts are free range and are non guaranteed. Whitetail does are reserved for harvest during archery season only. All state of Florida license, permits, rules and regulations do apply to our whitetail deer hunts. It is your responsibility to obtain your license and permits as well as checking in your harvested animal with the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Choosing dates are your responsibility. We give clients the freedom to choose whichever dates you want but we do not control the temperature or other weather conditions. Hunts are not pro-rated because it might rain or may be too cold for you on one of your schedule dates. Hunters are required to bring and wear a safety harness for the duration of their hunt. We do operate with some box stands but not every hunting location is one. If you decide not to bring a safety harness; you will not be permitted to hunt from a tree stand.


True Hunting Camp Adventures will not share or disclose your information to any third-party companies. Your information will not be used for any third-party marketing purposes. Your data remains private and will not be sold to any third-party providers.


All parties will hold True Hunting Camp Adventures harmless from any liabilities, damages including bodily injury or death. All hunters and guests do so by their own risk.


All customers have three days to cancel their order. After that there will be no refunds. This only applies to customers who booked one week prior to hunt date.